Family Immigration

At Tedesco Legal, P.C., we know that reuniting with family and keeping family together are top priorities in life. As a mother and wife, Attorney Mary Lynn Tedesco is particularly attuned to these values.

Typically, family-based immigration matters begin with the filing of Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. Individuals who are present in the United States and eligible for adjustment of status (the process of applying for a Green Card) pursuant to INA 245(a) or 245(i) may be able to file the petition concurrently with other applications, including for work authorization. However, other individuals may need to file the petition alone and process abroad.

The following categories of people may be able to file a petition for a loved one:

  • A US Citizen or Permanent Resident on behalf of his/her spouse;

  • A US Citizen on behalf of his/her mother or father;

  • A US Citizen or Permanent Resident on behalf of his/her child; and

  • A US Citizen on behalf of his/her sibling.

In addition to the categories above, a US Citizen or Permanent Resident fiance may file a petition for his/her spouse-to-be through the process of a K-1 Visa (Form I-129F).

Our firm also handles removal of conditions on permanent residency (Form I-751) both joint petitions as well as waivers of the joint filing requirement.

Additionally, our firm prides itself on the ability to assist current and former members of the US Military. If you are a veteran or active duty member of the US Armed Forces or Reserves, and your loved one needs assistance with an immigration issue, contact our office for more information on certain special programs that may be available to you, such as Parole in Place ("PIP").

Determining whether you or your loved one are eligible to apply for one of these petitions and adjust status (apply for Green Card from within the United States) or consular process abroad is a technical, legal, and tactical decision. Typical considerations include whether the applicant entered the United States lawfully, maintained lawful status while in the United States, or if other inadmissibilites apply. Consult with Tedesco Legal, P.C. to determine eligibility for one of these processes.